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Places that are tourist delights in Karnataka

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Places that are tourist delights in Karnataka

Mysore a quaint old city in Karnataka is a must visit. This place was actually Mysooru and it derived its name from the word Mahishur or Mahishasuana ooru.  (The village of Mahishasura) who was the demon king who ruled Mysore during that period. He was a buffalo headed monster, who so tortured the people that they fervently prayed for a solution to this problem that came in the form of goddess Parvathi born as Chamundeshwari, who slayed the monster. The hill as well as the city get their names from here. Mysore is known for its rich folk art where singing, drama and puppetry are popular. These forms of art can be experienced as well as enjoyed by one and all as it is so unique and impressive.

The Mysore palace, one of India’s most visited place is a beautiful monument that is a heady mix of Rajput, Muslim as well as Gothic architecture. Once inside, every single room in the palace is sure to mesmerise you with its amazing beauty and rich heritage coupled with its beautiful history. This palace is definitely a must visit when at Mysore. Brindavan Gardens is another place that has to be seen once in Mysore. This spectacular stretch of land is situated one level below the KRS or famously known as the Krishna raja Sagar dam where the extremely beautiful fountains are a divine sight to the eyes. the Kabini dam of Mysore is yet another place that has to be viewed and it can arguably be termed an engineering marvel. This massive structure that is built on the Kabini river is truly spectacular with trees as well as forests in the surrounding. GRS fantasy park that is a theme park will sweep you off your feet.

A sprawling area that is fill with games and amusements for people of different age brackets is its USP. This is definitely the place to be at if one is looking for entertainment. The Mysore zoo cannot be left out since it houses a variety of rare birds and animals. There are various religious places that can be visited while at Mysore as well. Chamarajeshwara temple is one such place that has a fantastic history behind it. The Chamundi temple that is situated on the Chamundi hill is a temple that should be visited too. There are many more temples that Mysore has to offer as far as sightseeing is concerned. St Philomenas church is a place to go to for its awesome architecture.

This neo Gothic piece of architecture with its glass stained windows is sure to wow you. Sriranngapatana a quaint and charming town about 15 kilometres from Mysore that one has to view with its interesting history and yet another place in this oh so huge list of must visits. These are a few places that one can see while at Mysore therefore don’t you agree with us when we say that now is the time. Plan a vacation that will be educative as well as filled with entertainment for it is an offer that we are sur is too good to resist.

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