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City tour guide | Must see places in Bangalore

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Must see places in Bangalore

Bangalore is considered a must-see destination when one talks about Karnataka and can undoubtedly be rated the very best. This cosmopolitan city consists of a heady mix of culture as well as people. If one is looking at unwinding with a vacation this garden city cum technology hub of India is the place to be at. There are numerous places in Bangalore that can be termed as tourist attractions. These are places in Bangalore that need to be seen to be experienced for this extremely special city has a lot to offer. Let’s start with the extremely famous Bangalore Palace that is situated in the heart of Bangalore.

This heritage destination with a mindboggling history is a magnificent treat to the eyes and is a must see for sure. We then have Tipu Sultan’s summer palace which is yet another tourist destination. Once here one you are sure to be taken back in time when you learn about the fabulous history it carries. Vishweshvaraiah Industrial and Technology museum built as a tribute to a very great engineer Sir M Vishveshvaraiah is considered to be one of the best science museums that India has to offer. One can be rest assured that once this place is visited knowledge will be enhanced 10-fold.

The government museum is yet another museum that is said to be the oldest in India, also known as the state archaeological museum this place showcases the spectacular relics and artefacts from the Vijayanagara period. Venkatappa art gallery is another two floored gallery that displays close to 600 marvellous paintings. Vidhana Saudha is a building that must be seen when in Bangalore for its neo Dravidian architectural style and the fact that this is the largest legislative building in India and the one place that represents the city. Vikas Soudha as well as the attar Kacheri are two other heritage places to be seen in Bangalore. if you want personal tour guide app click here.

Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium is a must see too. When it comes to a pilgrimage Bangalore is at the forefront with all the wonderful temples that is has to offer, beginning with Iskon temple which is built in the Dravidian style, this place is a treat for everyone especially lord Krishna’s devotees. Dodda Ganapathy temple in Bangalore is another must visit. Bull temple a pilgrimage place as well as a tourist attraction is situated inside a park called the Bugle Park and houses the largest monolithic Nandi statue. Kemp fort Shiva temple has a gigantic idol of lord Shiva measuring 65 feet.

Billikal Rangaswamy Betta is a hill near the town of Kanakapura that is the highest hill in the area and houses a temple dedicated to lord Rangaswamy where one can trek their way up to the temple. Ranganatha swamy temple and Someshwara temple are two other temples that are tourist attractions. Bannerghatta national park that has a spectacular list of animals and birds housed is another place to view. Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain park as well as Cariappa Memorial park are two must see parks. Finally, last but definitely not the least, Cubbon park a huge park with its plush greenery that Bangalore was always well known for must be visited. This is not all as there are many more places in Bangalore that are worthy of sightseeing but will only be possible if visited. Make that all important decision now and visit a city that will leave you mesmerised and spellbound.

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