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Karnataka – your next vacation destination

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Tourist places in Karnataka

Looking for tourist places in Karnataka.  This post is for you. We all want to go on a vacation and while there are various places that attract tourists there are only a handful that can be etched in memory and one such place is Karnataka.  Hordes of people visit this place every single year. The tourist locales that Karnataka has to offer are breath-taking. Karnataka’s beautiful and scenic places are a heady mix of architectural prowess as well as cultural heritage.

 Beginning with Bangalore that has quite a few names that it is called such as the Silicon Valley of India, Garden city, Pub city and IT hub of India. This cosmopolitan has a variety of places that must be visited with. Tourists can never have their fill of Bangalore as it has so much to offer and more often that not tourists leave feeling that they haven’t seen it all wanting to come back for more. This city has the innate quality of being able to capture the hearts and minds of all those who visit it. Mysore is another city that will wow you with its rich cultural heritage.      

 The Mysore palace is one of the most sought-after tourist destination and it does not disappoint. The Bandipur National Park is a must-see for tourists. This park is home to animals such as tigers, Asian elephants, Leopards, Sloth bears and numerous rare birds that will have animal lover have their fill. The safaris where all most animals can be viewed at close quarters is the highlight of the place and cannot be left out.

 Chickmagalur a quaint hill town with lush greenery that surrounds it is yet another dream locale. This picturesque hill station is a hot favourite among all tourists This place is also fondly called the coffee land and rightly so. The vast coffee plantations are a treat to the eyes with the lingering smell of coffee in the air. Coorg, another place that Karnataka has to offer is a destination that is sure to amaze tourists primarily due to its flora and fauna. The breath-taking view of hills ridden with mist is breath-taking. The lush green forests and vast estates of coffee and tea plantations are unimaginably beautiful with the various quaint towns that are sure to mesmerise.

This is a district in Karnataka that is called the Scotland of India. It is believed that Coorg was named after the river Cauvery and is undoubtedly the largest producer of coffee in India. Coorg offers various forms of entertainment primarily trekking which is a sport that almost all the people indulge in while at Coorg. Coorg cuisine is lip smacking where one can be rest assured that their taste buds are content. The icing on the cake are the warm hosts that add to the charisma of the place. Hampi must be visited while one is in Karnataka for this is a place that is counted among the most famous tourist locales.

This UNESCO world heritage site was once the capital of the Vijayanagar empire but at present all that remains is ruins. This once beautiful place known for its magnificent temples, buildings, mesmerising art and carvings ceases to exist today. The places of interest that can be viewed in Karnataka are many more therefore visit this place to be swept off your feet.

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